Book Love

Book Love

Looking for love in all the wrong places?

Find your Book Love match here at Kino.

On the market for a spine-tingling true crime book? Or maybe you’re looking for a time-travelling kind of adventurous romance to take you to exciting new (old) places? Here’s a selection of very eligible book candidates for you at 20% OFF* this month!

Which one will you match with…?

9780099558781A Gentleman in Moscow, 2 years old
14,496 km away

An aristocrat unfairly sentenced to indefinite house arrest by a Bolshevik tribunal, I must now live in an attic room instead of my usual suite while Russia undergoes decades of tumultuous upheaval.
Looking to find out if a life without luxury can perhaps be the richest of all?
Come with me on my journey! I promise it will be elegant, witty, and ultimately uplifting.



9781632866578Abandon Me, 1 year old
14,064 km away

Ready to go back to my roots. Do you want to come along? Must be ready for art, love, identity, loss, and daddy issues.
If you like Maggie Nelson, you’ll love me.





Art is the Highest Form of HopeArt is the Highest Form of Hope, 2 years old

I’m arty but with no frills. I have strong ideas & I don’t need a pretty picture to convey them. I write & like to gather my inspo from many different sources & artist buddies. Being creative 24/7 can be difficult but I’m known for being able to shine some light if you’re in need of a pick-me-up.
Look me up if you like to make, think, love or talk about art.




9781942993889Bakemonogatari, 1 year old
7,902km away

If you’re looking for someone with a bit of humour, some romance and lots of great character development, then I’m the light novel for you. Looking for a reader who’s not shy of someone with supernatural elements and likes unique female characters (don’t worry, I have heaps so you’re bound to like at least one of them ;)).
If you dig me, you’ll probably also fancy my younger sibling Nisemonogatari or my older sibling Kizumonogatari.



9781401276799Batman/The Flash: The Button Deluxe Edition, 3 months old
15,000+ km away

I like to be mysterious. I like to tease and tantalize. Looking for someone to come to my Batcave and press my buttons, a Knight who is tall, Dark and handsome…but won’t finish in a Flash.






DeliciousInDungeon_v1_FINAL_R1.inddDelicious in Dungeon 1, 8 months old
98,723,125 km away

Welcome fellow explorer! I’m a fantasy seinen comedy manga about a group of adventurers eating their way through a dungeon’s worth of monsters.
Interests: Dungeons and Dragons, home-made cooking, camping, exotic creatures and spending time with friends.
Don’t be shy, I don’t bite…much 😉



Find MomoFind Momo, 4 years old
15,275.89 km away

I’m a model, I make my living from being photographed. I won’t lie… it’s a blessing being this good looking but I’m actually pretty shy. I like to smell stuff, poop & eat food. I enjoy travelling & often find myself in odd places. I’m seeking a human with a love of dogs (really cute dogs). You must have exceptional sight & enjoy playing visual games.


floraframFlora and Ulysses, 4 years old
14,064 km away

I love animals and superheroes. But I love animals who become superheroes best – Holy unanticipated occurrences!
I’m often cynical, but am open to new and strange experiences – like meeting a flying, poetic squirrel.
I love comics and illustration – sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words.
Come with me on a madcap adventure in which you can expect the unexpected!


9780062382801The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue, 1 year old
15,907 km away

From the bawdyhouses of Marseille to the cliff sides of Greece, I live for thrills and adventure. I’m a hopeless romantic, with a spoonful of sass, and I’m seeking a reader who can join me (and maybe rescue me) for the next spot of bother I find myself in.
Must like wigs and a good glass (or bottle) of sherry.




HiramekiHirameki, 2 years old
7,902 km away

I like to think of myself as an unfinished masterpiece. All the bits are here but I haven’t pulled them all together yet. My friends say that I’m very adaptable, almost chameleon-like, I am how the mood strikes me on any given day.
I’m seeking a creative, crafty, lateral-thinking soul who would be happy to fill idle time with some fun. One who enjoys drawing or doodling would be great but not essential to us hanging out together.


9781406378795How to Hang a Witch, 2 years old
16,243 km away

So I kind of realised that I am an ancestor of witch hunters. And I’m being haunted by a moody ghost. Oh, and a group of witch descendants are trying to curse me. But I also really enjoy baked goods and sneaking peeks at other people’s love letters.
Seeking a reader up for an adventure, a laugh, and a spook.





9781944937300I Hear the Sunspot, 6 months old
7,826.24 km away
University exchange student

I’m on exchange from Japan, a Slice of Life set in university. I might talk about some difficult topics but in the end I’ll make you blush, heart-warmed and leave you grinning ear to ear.
Looking for someone cheerful or someone who wants a warm hug.




9781584351641I’m Very Into You, 3 years old
Less than 1 km away

Thoughtful queer academic seeks thoughtful queer academic for love letters and bendy friendship.
I wanna braid your hair and talk hard theory.





9781620404935Insomniac City, 1 year old
15,979 km away

Seeking tender-hearted reader to be moved by the revelation of true love and deep loss.
Let’s stay up late together and get in touch with all our feelings.





9781408810835Just Kids, 6 years old
15,979 km away
Singer-songwriter, poet, visual artist

Still caught up in the dramas of the past but looking for a relationship of mutual understanding. Have been in casual relationships before but looking for love. You will be a lover of music, poetry and New York City. I am a collector of memories, photographs and song lyrics.





9780099458326Kafka on the Shore, 15 years old
7,902 km away

Let me take you to a world that has turned on its head. Where fish tumble in storms from the sky; cats carry on conversations with people; a ghostlike pimp deploys a Hegel-spouting girl of the night; a forest harbours soldiers apparently un-aged since WWII…
If you love all things strange, unsettling, and beautiful, you’ll love me.





9781632364975Land of the Lustrous 1, 8 months old

Lonely humanoid gem seeking another searching for a place to belong. Drawn in a beautifully original and abstract art style, my story follows the Lustrous, a group of jewel beings trying to find their place in a world and defend their lifestyle from Lunarians, angelic creatures from the moon. Interests: Minerals, philosophy, art and adventure.




lumberjanes-gotham-academy-9781608869459_hrLumberjanes/Gotham Academy, 11 months old

You pick me up. We cross over and go head first into field trips and sleepovers super-packed with mysteries, teenaged hijinks, supernatural terrors and just the Best. Friendships. Ever!
Who needs the Batman when you’ve got the unofficial Detective Club and simply the best Girl Scouts around?





9780143571391Madness: A Memoir, 5 years old
713 km away
Medical Doctor

I am mad, clinically. I suffer delusions so acutely real that I once thought I needed to cut off my own arm. I am a personal and professional journey through the mental health system in Australia. Professional because I’m also a medical doctor… Come with me on this truly crazy rollercoaster ride!




9780099540946The Master and Margarita, 51 years old
14,496 km away

I deal in tales of witchcraft, debauchery, death, love, despair, religion, insanity and vodka.
Favourite conversation topics include critiques of communist Russia, and contemplations on what could happen if the Devil bests a black cat at chess…




9781787460614Mindhunter, 23 years old
15,818km away

This is my profile, but I’d much rather profile you.
Mainly interested in single white men. Loner-types with a background of childhood neglect and abuse. The more socially inept the better. Bonus points if you have a history of bed-wetting, fire starting or a few animal carcasses lying around. Have a kinky side? Look no further. We can do a little bit of roleplay. You can be the UNSUB (UNknown SUBject) and I’ll be the agent that tracks you down and puts those handcuffs on you, baby. I’d lock you up for multiple life sentences because you’ve been just. So. Naughty. I do love a good chase. 😉
We’d travel across the States and stay up all night chatting about how your mother emasculated you since birth or the first time you cut open a cat. I want to get to know you better.


9784756248756Momentary: The Art of Ilya Kuvshinov, 9 months old
7,796 km away

Looking for creative types who appreciate stunning, breathtakingly charming art.
I share everything with my 1.2 million Instagram fans, but with you, I will show the very best of me. I’ll even promise to show you what makes me tick!


Much LovedMuch Loved, 5 years old
Less than 1 km away

People tell me I have a familiar face, that they’ve met me before. I’ve been told I’m warm & my presence is comforting. I’m quite simple really & enjoy the quiet life, I tend to lounge around my bedroom a lot.
I’m loyal & looking for a lifelong friend. I’d like to meet a person who appreciates the value & history of the physical object over a computer screen. Must be affectionate & enjoy snuggling.



9781606999592My Favourite Thing Is Monster, 1 years old
14,867 km away

I’m as wildly imaginative as I am emotionally draining (but in a good way, I hope) – at least, that’s what most everyone who’s met me in this past year has told me. I know it seems like I’ve been on the top of everyone’s list in 2017, but I’m truly looking for the one who gets a monster like me.
Are you a good monster or a bad monster?



9781743310977My Life as an Alphabet, 5 years old
Less than 1 km away

So, I’m quite quirky. Occasionally I miss social cues, which means that sometimes I get myself in a pickle. I have a complex family, but I take school very seriously. Maybe you can help with my latest English assignment?





night circusThe Night Circus, 7 years old
Travelling Circus

A feast for the senses, a fantasia of magic and mischief, I am an extraordinary blend of fantasy and reality. A little more about me: I’m a little bit mysterious, I’m only available at night, my favourite colours are black and white, and I offer delights for everyone I meet.
Must be into contortionists, performing cats, carousels, illusionists and magic.

Warning: You might not want to leave my world…


no-one-likes-a-fartNo One Likes a Fart, 2 months old
Less than 1 km away

I am more than my name suggests. I am a complex emission that is multilayered, and quite misunderstood. People often pinch their noses in my presence, but all I want to do is meet as many new people as possible in my immediate vicinity. Maybe I can change your mind? Maybe you can see past my outward scent and see that I have a striking personality, and just want adventure!


9781419723735Noteworthy, 1 years old
14,064 km away

Smart, sweet, diverse and can hold a tune. I occasionally dress up in boys’ clothes (when I sing), and I reckon I am pretty hilarious.
Let’s make some music together.




9780099599531Outlander, 27 years old
16,797 km away

Lass, looking for a bit of romance, adventure and… time-travelling? Keep with me… Seeking “blood of my blood, bone of my bone” companion to share my passion of horses, the great Scottish outdoors, whiskey and chess. Someone to be my equal and not afraid to speak their mind. Ye ken? From the moment we meet, we’ll start on an adventure through the rugged Scottish Highlands, cantering on horseback to castles, lochs and mysterious, mythical places that time has long forgotten. There’ll be elements of danger and surprise, but dinna farsh yersel, I’ll always come back to ye. I’m a great listener and open-minded. If you find yerself lost or confused, I’ll help ye through yer journey.
Turn off: lavender oil

9780545224901Scorpio Races, 6 years old
17,289 km away

So I’m all about horses – but not the kind you know. I love the killer horses from the sea – the ones you thought were mythical. I’m a thrill-seeker. I love the inherent danger of racing them. Really, who knows if you’ll survive? But I’m actually very complex, as moody and beautiful as the sea. Maybe I race because it’s my only option? At my heart I am a lonely, gentle soul, living on a craggy island, just trying to make a connection, face down prejudices and keep it together. Perhaps you’ll come race with me? I guarantee I’m not what you’re expecting and you won’t be disappointed.


9780141365602See You in the Cosmos, 1 year old
14,064 km away

Tender, quirky tale about growing up (and dreaming about rockets and space) seeking a reader who likes stories that are a little different, full of interesting characters, and have a lot of heart.
Do you love rockets, and dogs named Carl Sagan? Oh, and did I mention rockets?





51jdP5mC37L._SX346_BO1,204,203,200_Shiver, 2 months old
7,902 km away

I am interested in someone with a penchant for short but scary stories. I’ll show you nine parts of me – each different, each scary and each very good. As selected by my father, the great Junji Ito, the finest creator of horror in Japan, he thinks they are the best parts of me! If you are looking for a scarily good time, I won’t disappoint.




simonSimon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda, 3 years old
14,935 km away

I’m often described as romantic and tender, with a great sense of humour. I love a good guessing game, and I’m seeking a reader to join me as I come of age, and come out.
Must have access to emails, must buy me Oreos and must like the colour blue.




9781780622293Six of Crows, 3 years old
16,633 km away

I am sneaky, smart, ambitious and full of surprises. I am looking for a reader who is not afraid of a little magic, a few hustles, and a lot of danger.
Not afraid to get your hands dirty? Let’s talk!





9781925603156Sourdough, 6 months old
11,940 km away
Software engineer

Have you ever had a colony of microorganisms start to gain sentience on you…?
Burning-out software engineer who has inherited a sourdough starter from the mysterious duo behind my local sandwich shop. Have been feeding it daily, playing it music, and learning to bake with it. Starting to experience some problems with it being a little… needy?
Looking for a foodie/maker/sourdough enthusiast who can help me out!


9781910593417Spinning, 5 months old
13,506 km away

Do you ever feel like you knew what you wanted in life… and then didn’t? Did you ever really love competitive figure skating the way you thought you did? Like, did you even ever really like boys?
If you’ve ever felt like that… I’d love to spend an evening with you.




The 365 bullet guideThe 365 Bullet Guide, 1 year old
Life coach

I’m super organised. People tell me I’m quite trendy & others want to be like me, but they don’t have my flair. I love giving advice which is great because my day job is being a life coach. Nothing makes me happier than helping people fulfil a project.
I’m looking for a mate who wants to shake off the old & start planning for the new. I’ve got all the ideas but I need someone to share them with…maybe that’s you?


the course of loveThe Course of Love, 1 year old
16,871 km away

I love the idea of love but I understand how difficult it can be. Ready to explore the intricacies of a long-term relationship, will you come with me?
If you’ve ever been in love, you’ll love me.





crime writerThe Crime Writer, 2 years old
16,881 km away

If you are the kind of person who won’t mind a life of solitude in the English countryside, and who can keep our location secret from my fans and would-be biographers, we may be the right match. Must also have an interest in prowlers, sexual obsessives, frauds, imposters, married lovers, suicides and murderers.





the-harbour-9781925368772_hrThe Harbour, 4 months old
Less than 1 km away

There are many who love me and want to know my secrets… Let me show you the best of me, from cove to cove, by kayak, yacht and barge. The Bridge. The Opera House. Fireworks on New Year’s Eve. All aspects of my heart and soul. Let me tell you my stories, past and present, and share my secrets.




the-hate-u-give-by-angie-thomasThe Hate U Give, 1 years old
14,064 km away

Want to take a walk through the hard part of town? I have one foot in that world, and the other in a school of white privilege. I may be black but I’m not a gangbanger, though I know plenty of people who are. I have a lot of heart and soul, but keep having experiences that break a little – or a lot – of both. I’ll show you why Black Lives Matter and hopefully you’ll see that I have the strength to make a difference.




9781472244994The Immortalists, 1 month old
15,979 km/12,425 km away

New kid on the block, filled with strange thrills and family baggage (who isn’t?). Is magic real? You tell me.
Seeking reader up for a haunting, immersive night in.





the princess brideThe Princess Bride, 45 years old
17,897 km away

Fencing, fighting, torture, poison, true love, hate, revenge, giants, hunters, ROUSs, bad men, good men, beautifulest ladies, snakes, spiders, beasts, chases, escapes, lies, truths, passion and miracles. And Dread Pirates!
What else could you need?




the vegetarianThe Vegetarian, 11 years old
8,127 km away

Interested in modern-day South Korea? Perhaps you or a loved one have just embraced vegetarianism and are struggling with the changes that has brought to your life?
Let’s get together and talk about our shame, our desires, and our faltering attempts to understand others… it’s okay if things get a bit weird.





the wavesThe Waves, 87 years old
16,918 km away

I am a moving, poetic, modernist stream-of-consciousness full of grace and power.
I will tell you all about my group of friends and their lives from childhood to youth and middle-age, their aspirations, their triumphs and regrets, their awareness of unity and isolation.
Looking for someone who loves literature to explore ideas on love, grief and the meaning of life itself.



9781742975252Tintinnabula, 4 months old
Less than 1 km away

I am thoughtful, poetic and will help you through difficult times and to find that place of solace within. I believe in discovering your own resourcefulness and in ultimately being independent. I am also the full package – beauty and brains. It won’t take you long to get to know me, but the longer you linger the more you’ll discover.



trainspottingTrainspotting, 23 years old
16,862 km away

After a long run of doing hard drugs, I’m only available in soft cover these days.
Typical bad-boy, let me take you to the darker side of life.
P.S. Must like my friends, they’re rough around the edges but we have common interests




9780241335437Turtles All the Way Down, 4 months old
14,064 km away

Sometimes people go on amazing adventures, do daredevil things and enjoy every moment. But that’s not me. I’m a mixed bag of clinical anxieties, just trying to get through the day, work out how the world works and fund college. No manic pixie dream girl here. I have generous, though sometimes equally broken, friends. I’m also a mystery. And we all love a mystery, right?




9781400033829Who Will Run the Frog Hospital, 24 years old
16,950 km/15,979 km away

Me: Melancholy, insightful, sharp enough to make you snort.
You: Lover of gorgeous, economical prose, ready to have your heart cracked.
Let’s get together and talk about the good ol’ days.





9780141182858Wide Sargasso Sea, 52 years old
14,903 km away

Looking for someone who can help me move past my controlling husband and his rigid Victorian ideals. Currently fighting feelings of dislocation and dispossession, I would love for someone to let me be myself, who will embrace me for who I am.
My perfect match will also have an interest in 19th Century post-colonialism and a desire to explore and understand ‘madness’.




9781471157325-usThe Year of Yes, 3 years old
12,061 km away

Not many people know this about me, but I’m an introvert. I used to suffer panic attacks, I hated public appearances. Then one little word changed – and saved – my life.
If you’re an introvert, or socially awkward, if you just want to get out more, take a chance on me! We’ll dance it out, stand in the sun, and be ourselves.



4905073030人生はワンチャンス!, 7 years old
7,902 km away

If you feel stuck or down, let me cheer you up, it’s my absolute favourite thing!
People say I’m cute and that I have a positive effect on those around me. I’m always happy to pass on some short words of wisdom to those who are interested in exploring a better, happier life.
Oh, and if you love dogs, we’re going to be a great match!




* Not in conjunction with any other offer. Discount applies to selected marked titles until 28th February 2018 only. 

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