Forming 2.0

Forming 2 - FB Banner

Ceramic and Object Group Show and Supermarket
April 4-30, 2019 Wedge Gallery


Jana Hawkins-Andersen
Simonne Goran
Kimberly Strudwick
Simon Lawrence
Delilah Lyses-Sapo
Sophie Kitson
Sandra May
Tully Arnot
Charles Dennington
Lawrence Hall
Angela Garrick

Forming 2.0 (2019) follows on from a previous exhibition (Forming, 2017) inviting artists not previously exhibiting with clay to do so, such a medium chosen for its exuberance, intensity and sometimes uncanny and uncontrollable nature.

This show continues on with that sentiment, bringing in some of the same artists as the previous show, of whom have continued to work with clay, but also some more intensive ceramic and object artists for one big object and ceramic show and “supermarket” where all works are for sale and everything must go!

Inspired by the music and sentiment of the 1970s LA punk band The Germs, the name Forming relates to this state of evolution and change, the central theme of this show being that the notion of the medium itself could enact a change of focus.

Flyer by Joe Davies-Griffith
Image by Jana Hawkins Andersen, Sympathy and Contagion, 2018
Curated by Angela Garrick


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