What’s the Big Idea? | Amanda reviews Reclaiming Conversation

What’s the Big Idea? | Amanda reviews Reclaiming Conversation

Reclaiming Conversation

by Sherry Turkle

Living in the Digital Age sees us all constantly connected in an endless stream of live updates and uploads; in feeds of never-ending news and information. Psychologist and researcher Sherry Turkle investigates how the very dynamics of our social behaviour, interpersonal relationships, and expectations of others have been influenced and shaped by new communication technologies. Covering topics such as love, friendship, family, work and education Turkle asserts we need to reclaim the invaluable interaction that is face-to-face conversation. By reclaiming conversation we reclaim part of ourselves; the ability to make meaningful and new connections with others, develop and foster empathy, and learn more about ourselves. Remaining optimistic throughout, Turkle suggests we need to rethink the way we us communication technologies, and examines what we are really missing out on when we choose to live our lives online.

Review by Amanda

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