Whose Side are You On?

Whose Side are You On?

CHOOSE A TEAM! Here are our top graphic novel and manga recommendations, all 20% OFF* in May.


ARCHIENew Archie? Brilliant. As a pre-reboot hater, revamped Archie is a welcome blast of fresh air with the gang pulling out some essential millennial humour and fantastic (sometimes super deep) lines, while killing the fourth wall and tossing in the right amount of drama to keep you craving! #TeamBetty4life

Recommended by – Aby






HAVEN'T YOU HEARD I'M SAKAMOTO There’s a new transfer student in class and he’s just…..perfect! Sakamoto-san is cool, smart and super good looking and there’s nothing that stands in his way….maybe aside from the other guys in the class. This series is a great splice of shounen style art as well as shoujo drama scenes so it’s a winner for everyone!

Recommended by – Olivia







CIVIL WAR If you haven’t seen the movie yet – read this first!  If you’ve already seen it – you should’ve read this first! This pivotal crossover is a must-read for any Marvel fan as it has far reaching consequences into the entire Marvel Universe. Read the comic and choose – Whose side are you on?

Recommended by – Dex






ONE PUNCH MAN What happens when you get a hero who’s trained so hard that he’s gone bald? A hero so strong he defeats his enemies with one punch? ONE PUNCH MAN!!! Hilarity, crazy antics, heartfelt moments and over-the-top fight scenes ensue! Learn his secret training method in this first volume!

Recommended by – Aby








Radical. Important. Poignant. Feminist. Powerful. These are some of the words that have been used to describe Bitch Planet. Radically important, poignantly feminist, powerfully radical. It’s all of it at once and so much more. Awesome. Entertaining! Thrilling!! Easily one of the best of the new breed of graphic novels!

Recommended by – Chewie





CLAYMORE Claymore is an old series but one of my absolute all-time favourites. The Youma hide amongst the population, only the Silver Eyed Witches – Claymores – can eradicate them. But there’s a secret behind the Youma’s existence…Claymore is violent and bloody in all the right places, the art style action packed and emotionally turbulent.

Recommended by – Olivia








Welcome to high school… for assassins! – where the world’s top crime families send their next generation to be trained in the deadly arts of killing, combat and merciless brutality. The uses of the panels throughout the actions sequences are particularly clever and unique…and fortunately, there are plenty of them!

Recommended by – Thomas





GANGSTA If there’s a manga I’d recommend above its anime adaptation it’d be Gangsta. With a style that’s as clean-cut as it is gruff, lovably tanky ‘handymen’ with intense backstories (and big hands); gals, action, comedy and bloodshed to boot, Gangsta takes you on a nearly-too-cool journey for the senses and serious Champloo-esque bro-feels.

Recommended by – Aby








The comic series that kicked off the new official Star Wars canon! Set between Episodes IV and V, the story continues the journey of our beloved heroes: Luke, Leia, Han and Chewie in their fight against the menacing Darth Vader and the Galactic Empire. Refreshing and expansive, yet overwhelmingly nostalgic.

Recommended by – Thomas





PLANETES Probably one of the most scientifically grounded science fiction manga in my recent memory! The story follows the lives of Hachimaki and his team of debris collectors in outer space. Dealing with complex themes like environmentalism, existentialism and terrorism, each character has their own motivations and goals for doing that job. Strongly recommended!

Recommended by – Gerald







She’s a Lumberjane and she’s okay! Seriously, there’s a reason that Luberjanes is a New York Times best-seller. It’s equal parts whimsical adventure and teen grrrl attitude. The humour is perfect for all ages and it’s full of infectiously quippy dialogue. If you loved Rat Queens, you will love Lumberjanes.

Recommended by – Mikaela





MAGI THE LABYRINTH OF MAGIC There’s a unique charm that comes with Magi that you don’t really get with adventure titles like ‘Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon’, and it’s probably because of its cast of magical, colourful characters; its wonderful allusions to its roots in One Thousand and One Nights and its penchant for fun storytelling!

Recommended by – Aby








If you’re a fan of fantasy, great writing, fantastic art– and stuff dreams are made of– then why isn’t this already on your bookshelf? And don’t worry, existing Sandman fans! Overture doesn’t disappoint; it’s the perfect prequel and will bring back those warm, fuzzy feelings of reading Sandman for the first time.

Recommended by – Mikaela





DREAM FOSSIL If you love Satoshi Kon’s critically acclaimed animated films, you would also enjoy this collection of his short stories! Take a rare glimpse into the earlier stages of his uniquely compelling story telling and his signature dream-like themes about human nature and the madness lying just below the surface of society.

Recommended by – Gerald








Everyone loves an anti-hero, and DC’s Suicide Squad throws the best at you all at once. If you’re hanging for the upcoming film, you can’t go past the first volume’s tightly written, intensely violent introduction to the major characters. Also, who doesn’t love some sadistic humour from Harley Quinn too!

Recommended by – Mikaela





AKAME GA KILL If you’re looking for a fast paced Shounen manga stop where you’re going! Navigating between the Capital’s rich elites and the assassins who hide in the shadows, Tatsumi tries to earn money to save his impoverished village. It’s a deceptively light hearted manga that has a very dark side where you never know who’ll stay standing.

Recommended by – Olivia








This loose-personal-project-web-comic turned to eventual-apocalyptic-narrative is basically Harry Potter and X-men smushed together – which means a gaggle of brooding, philosophical teenagers having crushes on each other and also being mad at everyone. It is a constant stream of funny. Read this book, the ending is only published here and not online!

Recommended by – Jo






SERAPH OF THE END Some say the vampire genre is waning but this is the series to refresh it! Children are orphaned and taken into the underground world of vampires. Enslaved and used as sacks of blood, Yuichiro and his friends fight to escape but all is not as it seems. Fast paced action packed Shonen manga that ticks all the boxes and more!

Recommended by – Olivia






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