Group Show and Ceramics Shop
November 2-14, 2017 Wedge Gallery

Simon Lawrence
Delilah Lyses-Sapo
Sophie Kitson
Tully Arnot
Katherine Corcoran
Raquel Caballero
Charles Dennington
Lawrence Hall
Angela Garrick



The creative act to be displayed in public is often the result of a period of intense preparation, with both private, self directed and workshopped study and practice in aim of engaging a final product. Often exhibited material utilizes a combination of trial and error, with several attempts of create that ‘thing in your head’ enacted in the physical world.
There are schools of thought that embrace jouissance , and the act of chance that such a practice could encompass. This has been seen in past history through the Fluxus and Dada Movements, wherein the notion of the brooding genius, pacing in their studio, working neck and neck dawn to dusk to create a masterpiece is cast aside, perhaps even laughed at. Fluxus and other such movements see that the work of art should perhaps be conceived without any conception of its eventual end. There is a thematic continuum of duration and times, with the physical ‘work’ as an entity entrapped in time and place, but the conception of it evolving and changing exponentially.

In this exhibition, nine artists have been chosen to participate in a group show and make works using clay, without ever having exhibited the medium previously. Some had dabbled in experimentations in the past, some never touched a piece of clay. The exuberance and intensity of such a medium has itself been chosen for the sometimes uncanny and uncontrollable nature. In fact what goes in the oven may not be the same when it comes out. These artist have all agreed to step out of their comfort zone, and to embrace and indeed show the results, whatever they may be, and however strange and unfinished the final product of these gestures may result in.

Inspired by the music and sentiment of the 1970s LA punk band The Germs, the name Forming relates to this state of evolution, and change, the central theme of this show being that the notion of the medium itself could enact a change of focus. Also, essentially, ‘form’ is essentially what is being re-configured here.

The artists here come in all scopes. Amongst them we have artists who work primarily with robotics, photography, embroidery, sculpture, music, curating and installation – all of whom have not exhibited ceramic work in public before. Their nature of participation in this show celebrate the jester-like quality of the artist who doesn’t take themselves too seriously – who can try something – try anything, and laugh and enjoy the results.


Ceramics as a medium is visceral and engaging, combining the earthly elements of fire, earth and water. Its idiosyncrasies are endless and here you can see that we are all learning in public.


Angela Garrick, 2017

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