Humans of Kino | Claire

Humans of Kino | Claire

Claire, from Sylvania

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Soon-to-be-teacher, book enthusiast, avid-music-concert-goer, become obsessed with things way too quickly..


Why are you here today?

To spend the last of my money on more books … as always.


What book would you recommend to everyone and why?

Crank by Ellen Hopkins. Epicly written all through poems, it holds such a powerful message and deals with some remarkable themes. Then, after you’re done, read Identical by Ellen Hopkins.


Tell us about a book that has changed your life.

Is it too cliché to say Harry Potter? It got me into reading and has made a huge impact on my life and bank account. What was that I said about becoming too obsessed with things?


If there was a book that could sum you up as a person, what would it be?

Here I would love to say Throne of Glass, but I am definitely not as badass as the amazing Celaena Sardothien. I’ll have to go with Fangirl. Tells a story of a girl who was moving to college and was still stuck in the heads of characters from her favourite story. I could definitely relate to that. Or Amy & Matthew by Cammie McGovern. (The character Amy is) such a strong and independent girl despite being in a wheelchair – I can definitely relate to that.




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