Andrew Cowen Photo Diary

Andrew Cowen Photo Diary

Kinokuniya is thrilled to welcome Sydney-based photographer Andrew Cowen to Wedge Gallery with his latest body of work, a collection of images from his personal photo diary.

Since 2010 I have been collecting my personal photographs in A5 diaries in an attempt to impose some order on my ever growing pile of pictures. I generally edit and print a month’s pictures at a time. I then pair vertical pictures that I think work together and let horizontal pictures run across two pages in the diary. I write the relevant filing information on the bottom of the print and glue it into the diary. Then I rephotograph the diary pages and upload them to a tumblr account which I use as a digital archive.

I have found the inherently slow nature of making the diary to be great for editing while the digital version is an extremely efficient way of filing and locating old pictures.

Without setting out to do so the diary has become a document of my family life generally and of my children in particular.

A selection of images are displayed here in the way they appear in the diary as well as some of the actual diaries.

– Andrew Cowen, 2018

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